First day of S.Y. 2020-2021 is done! Thank you for your online attendance. May the Lord reward and bless you always!

REMINDERS | Here are the things to do in your section’s ONLINE CLASSROOM while waiting for your scheduled S-Mode Class and Subject Orientations:

1. Make sure you can access and explore your SECTION’S ONLINE CLASSROOM via Google Classroom ( or Moodle Course (, which ever is applicable. Login using your GSuite account. Your class code and other information were given in the email sent to you by your class moderator.

2. Read and explore in advance the essential materials listed and identified applications.

3. Take note of the given links on how to access the Class and Subject Orientation Google Meet.

For concerns on the foregoing items, please contact your class moderator or email your respective Grade Level Coordinator (GLC) directly.

GRADE 10 –

For those who were not able to watch the University Orientation and Mass of the Holy Spirit, you may rewatch it through the same link: