Official Merchandise




1. Visit the Admissions, Aid, and Alumni Affairs Office or order via the online form (if available).

The ORDER FORM will be visible at the end of this page if available.

2. Pay as you order to secure your slot.

You may via CASH or GCASH. For online orders, wait for your invoice before sending GCash payment.

3. An acknowledgement message shall be sent via text once payment is received. It will also serve as your claim stub for pick-up.


  • Each batch will be closed once slots are taken. Slots are on a first to pay basis. Slots will be re-opened if payment is not settled during the deadline.
  • You shall receive a notification once orders are ready for pickup.


1. Order are considered valid if slot is allocated and paid on time.

2. Once orders are available for claiming, an advisory shall be posted.

3. You may claim your orders at the Admissions, Aid, and Alumni Affairs Office during office hours only.

Thank you!


All Batch 1 and AFS batch orders are now available for claiming.