Last July 20 2019, 450 armchairs were donated by the ADDU JHS to two of its partner schools. Mt. Apo National High School (MANHS) received 250 chairs and the remaining chairs were donated to Maryknoll High School of Asuncion (MHSA) in Davao del Norte.

In a simple turnover ceremony, Mrs. Alma Raymonda Bartolata, the Assistant Principal for Administration oversaw the event. Mrs. Excesima Pasilan, the Assistant Principal for Formation, a few members of the JHS Administration, Faculty and Staff, representatives of the ADPTCI, students from MHSA and the school principals from MANHS and MHSA graced the occasion.

The armchairs were replaced with chairs and tables from Korea, a move that is part of the continued upgrading of facilities for School Year 2019-2020.