I am already enrolled. How do I get my section and other class details?

Your class moderator will be the one to email you a letter containing section and other class details. You may follow up through your Grade Level Coordinator (GLC)

Grade 7 –
Grade 8 –
Grade 9 –
Grade 10 –

I have not received my GSuite activation email. How do I get my GSuite Account?

All GSuite Accounts are being activated by the UNIVERSITY IT OFFICE (UITO). They are currently activating all accounts from pre-school to graduate school. The JHS HelpDesk sends out the email of your GSuite details to your supplied email address. For GSuite concerns, please email directly.

Your patience and understanding on this matter is appreciated.

How do I login to my GSuite Account?

Once you receive an email from our JHS. HELPDESK personnel about your Google Suite account and password, please follow the next steps.

1. Visit
2. Enter your compelete ADDU email address.(Remember to type the complete email address including
3. Enter the given password.
If you just migrated your GSuite, please change your password once you get in.
4. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to GMail. You can access other GSuite tools like Google Classroom and Google Meet from there. Don’t forget to logout of your account when not in use.

For GSuite concerns, please email directly.

How do I login for class attendance?

Your class moderator should have included the link for the student attendance in the 1st email that he/she sent you.

Students who do not have their GSuite account yet can log in to the student attendance link by temporarily using their personal email accounts.

For the orientation week, teachers will afford due consideration for unavoidable circumstances.

Has classes started already?

Yes, but it is still orientation week until July 1, 2020.

What is the orientation schedule from June 22-July 1?

Here it is:

I missed an orientation, who do I contact for more details?

For all missed orientations, sectioning, and other class details, please contact the GLC or Class Moderator of your child/ward directly.

Grade 7 –
Grade 8 –
Grade 9 –
Grade 10 –

I am an old student, can I still enroll?

Yes, enrollment will continue until June 30, 2020. For more info, please visit

I am a new student who has not applied yet, how do I apply?

Please visit or you may call 09456040265 for more info.

I am a new student but I am done applying. I have a Notice of Acceptance (NOA), how do I enroll?

Email your report card, birth certificate, and NOA to or call 0925 3363887 for more info.

When is the last day of enrollment?

Enrollment will continue until June 30, 2020.

Is the Home Prepaid Wifi (HPW) free?

Yes. All enrolled students are entitled to received one (1) HPW.

I live in Davao City, how do we claim our HPW?

Davao residents may still claim your HPW at the JHS Matina Campus Drive Thru Pick-Up Point. Entrance at Gate 12.

June 22-26, 2020
8:30am-4:30pm (with noon break)

We don’t live in Davao City, how do we claim our prepaid wifi?

We gave the list of those enrolled who are out of town (in the PH) to the University. First batch (50+) were delivered last weekend thru point persons c/o University.

If you have not received your HPW, kindly email your full name, grade level, mobile #, email address, and complete address to


I am a new student/transferee. How do I apply to ADDU Junior High School? Is there an entrance exam?

To apply, please visit this webpage, No, entrance exam (Ateneo Qualifying Test – AQT) is discontinued temporarily.

What are the requirements for application?

You only need to answer the online application form and submit your 2×2 photo and report card in the said form. Application form is available in this link:

Other requirements that you need to submit before within the school year is also in the same link.

I cannot submit all admissions requirements yet. Can I claim my Notice of Acceptance (NOA)?

Yes, we will be collecting all unsubmitted requirements within the school year. Your clearance will not be signed unless all requirements are submitted.

I already applied online, how can I claim my Notice of Acceptance (NOA)?

The assigned admin associate will send your NOA through email within 24 hours.

I already took the Ateneo Qualifying Test (AQT) before the quarantine started, how can I claim my Notice of Acceptance?

Send a request to or call 09456040265.

How can I apply for Grant-in-Aid (GIA) scholarship? When is the deadline of applications? I am a GIA grantee, do I have to submit an application form for renewal? When will the results be released?

You can apply online through: However, application for this school year is closed. Deadline of new and renewal applications was on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. Renewal applications must still be submitted. Results were released through email last May 25-29, 2020.

Is there any other grant that I can apply to?

Yes, if you are an incoming Grade 7 student, you can apply for an ESC grant.

Educational Service Contracting (ESC) is a partnership program by the Department of Education (DepEd) aimed at decongesting overcrowded public junior high schools. In ESC, the excess capacities of certified private junior high schools are “contracted” through slot allocations for students who would otherwise have gone to public schools. The slots come with subsidies called ESC grants, and program beneficiaries are called ESC grantees or, for the purposes of these guidelines, simply grantees. 

To request for an application form, email

I was an ESC grantee when I was in Grade 7/8/9, can I still avail it this school year?

Yes, once you apply in Grade 7, the grant will be carried over until Grade 10.


What is the enrollment procedure?

For more info on how to enroll, please visit this webpage:

How do I enroll? Who is in charge of enrollment? What are the requirements for incoming Grade 7? 

You can process your enrollment online. The registrar’s office and its helpdesk will assist you during enrollment.

Requirements for incoming Grade 7:

1. Notice of Acceptance (NOA)

2. Report Card

3. Birth certificate.

Send your requirements to

What is the schedule of enrollment?

Enrollment is ongoing. It will run until June 30, 2020. Dates may change without prior notice based on the current situation.

I still have clearance obligations, can I still enroll? Who do I contact to ask about this?

Yes, you can still enroll. You will be asked to sign a waiver that you will accomplish all your clearance obligations when school operations go back to normal. You may email the Registrar’s office for more information at

How can I view my report card for S.Y. 2019-2020? 

Please visit this website:

Kindly follow these steps:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Log in using the student’s ID # found in any of your old JHS report card and use it as your USER CODE. It is located on the upper left corner of the card. It is right below the student’s name and the Learner’s Reference Number.
  3. The PASSWORD is the student’s birthdate: 03012004 (March 1, 2004)
  4. You will be asked for a new password.  Do not forget the newly created one.  
  5. Once you are directed to the Student’s Portal, click Report Card.  The report card cannot be accessed if there is an unsettled account with the Finance office.
  6. You are responsible in keeping your documents and password confidential and secured.

Should there be problems encountered, please email


How do we know the schedule of fees or down payment amount for enrollment?

For more details, email or message us on FB Messenger at

What are the payment options/instructions/codes?

To view the list of payment options etc, please visit this webpage:

Who do we contact for payment concerns/considerations?

Please contact ADDU Finance on messenger at or email them at,, or


Will ADDU JHS implement fully online learning for SY 2020-2021?

Yes, we will.

What will be the modes of instruction for this school year?

This means that for School Year 2020-2021, Ateneo de Davao Junior High School is ready for ONLINE LEARNING with a combination of Synchronous or Guided and Asynchronous or Individualized Modes of Instruction to ensure achievement of learning outcomes amidst the current situation.

A Guided Instruction happens when a student learns an essential topic by participating in an actual online class conducted by the teacher at least once a week. Meanwhile, an Individualized Instruction happens when a student learns an essential topic by reading the notes or viewing the video topic presentation prepared by the teacher of the course.

Other information:

The Junior High School will implement full online learning with two modes of instruction: the synchronous (S mode) and asynchronous mode (A mode). 

In a S mode of instruction, the teacher meets the students using video conference in a specific time and day using one of the applications in our Google suite.

The teacher will have to record the discussion and place it in the Google/Moodle classroom so that those who have a bad connection can revisit the classroom and view the recording when the connection is better. This is one way of doing the A mode of instruction. Also, in A mode, the teacher and the student will follow a schedule so the learning process coupled with time management will be upheld.

The online classroom will contain all materials necessary for the students to learn independently. These materials will include but not limited to PowerPoint Presentations, videos, worksheets, task sheets and other materials deemed important and necessary by the teacher.


Grade 7 will have their SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING every Monday (1st-4th periods) and Friday (5th-8th periods)

Grade 8 will have their SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING every Tuesday (1st-4th periods) and Wednesday (5th-8th periods)

Grade 9 will have their SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING every Wednesday (1st-4th periods) and Tuesday (5th-8th periods)

Grade 10 will have their SYNCHRONOUS LEARNING on Thursday (1st-4th periods) and Monday (5th-8th periods)

Synchronous Club Meetings will be every Friday (7th period)

Outside the schedules identified, ASYNCHRONOUS LEARNING will be implemented.

Which applications are essential?

– a web browser (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari)

– Google Suite (GSuite) Apps – Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meet etc.

– Microsoft Office 365 applications

– Zoom and BigBlueButton for video conferencing

– Other apps/tools will be discussed by the subject teacher

What website will the students access to view resources?

The students will access their ONLINE CLASSROOMS either (Google Classroom) or (Moodle). This depends on the subject teacher’s preparation.

Students will be enrolled/added the online classroom by his/her subject teacher. All resources will be available in the said Google Classroom/Moodle Course.

When is the start of classes for ADDU JHS?

Based on Fr. Tabora’s Letter to Parents in Partnership, classes start on June 22, 2020.

Who do we contact if we have questions about academics esp. on online learning and online classes? 

Please email


What are the essentials for online learning?

You will need to have a desktop computer/laptop and an internet connection

We don’t have an internet connection. What will I do?

Upon enrollment you will be asked to answer the online class registration and survey form. You will be able to request for a HOME PREPAID WIFI kit through that form.

What are the suggested specifications of the desktop computer/laptop?

Laptop/Desktop Specifications:

Processor: At least Intel i3 or equivalent

Operating System: At least Window 7 (for compatibility)

Memory: 4GB (recommended), 2gb (minimum)

Hard Drive Space: At least 10 GB free space

Video Card: Basic video cards will do

Accessories: Headphones and webcam

I do not have a laptop. Is there a laptop loan for students?

Unfortunately, we do not have laptop loans for students this school year. You may purchase laptops at discounted prices from our partner providers. For more info, visit:

Can I avail free Microsoft Office 365?

Yes, all enrolled students, faculty, and staff with an email may avail free Office 365. You may be able to avail this once the assigned personnel activates your ADDU Email. For More info, visit:


For enrollment procedure, please contact the assigned helpdesk per grade level through email, call, FB messenger, or chat in

    • Grade 7 & transferees: or call 09253363887
    • Grade 8: 09456040255
    • Grade 9:
    • Grade 10:

General Inquiries:

  • or 
  • 09456040265 

Our admin associate will be available to chat from 8:00-4:30pm Mon-Fri and 8:00-12:00nn Sat (except holidays)

 Social Media Accounts:


Key Office Hotlines and Contact Details:

Registrar’s Office

Landline: (63) (82) 299- 2404 local 4306 or 4307

Mobile Number: 09456040255


Admissions, Aid, and Alumni Affairs Office

Landline: (63) (82) 299- 2404 local 4326

Mobile Number: 09456040265


Assistant Principal for Formation (Non Academic Concerns): 

Landline: (63) (82) 299- 2404 local 4308


Assistant Principal for Academics:

Landline: (63) (82) 299- 2404 local 4346


Assistant Principal for Administration (Payment Schemes): 

Landline: (63) (82) 299- 2404 local 4316