Ateneo has been known for “greening” its campus and cutting down electricity usage for greater energy efficiency. Ateneans have been taught to help save Mother Earth in simple ways – from being part of several tree planting activities to turning off lights and fans before leaving their respective classrooms and during lunch breaks.

Due to the alarming news of global warming and the horrendous changes it has brought around the world, the Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School (AdDU-JHS) has been looking for even greener alternatives to supply its electrical needs. One of these is the installation of solar panels.

The AdDU-JHS Matina campus currently has about 400 photovoltaic solar panels, the group of square solar cells that collect sunlight, generating energy and converting this to electricity for the school’s consumption. It was in October of 2016 when the campus installed three rotating panels right next to the school library.

The solar panels use a grid-tied system which means that these can be used directly by a large number of computers, projectors, lights, and fans in the campus. This is usually done by transferring the collected energy from the sun, then bringing it to an inverter to regulate the voltage and current. This transforms the solar panels’ direct current to alternating current, and into the school’s power grid.

Although solar panels are extremely expensive, they serve as a long-term plan for cutting down costs of electric consumption. This also means reducing the production of harmful carbon dioxide, which is caused by producing power through the use of coal and fossil fuels – two of the factors responsible for creating the greenhouse effect in the environment.

The most recent installment may be small compared to other installments Ateneo has in the past years, but it still gives the much needed boost.

According to Engr. Teddy M. Recomes of the Physical Plant Office, the solar panels used in the campus is an environmentally friendly alternative solution to paying for electric bills.

Along with these upgrades, Junior High School Ateneans have also evolved – being more committed to reducing carbon footprints through little ways and involved in a number of programs that promote Ateneo’s program, Ecoteneo.

(Original article by Nizar Arjoun)
Published in The Blue Knight Vol. 69 No. 1 June-October 2017

The Blue Knight is the official student publication of the Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School (AdDU-JHS) and a member of the National Secondary Schools Press Conference (NSPC).