JHS Admission for incoming Grade 7 and transferees for S.Y. 2021-2022 is ON-GOING!

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All You Need To Know About JHS Admission

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Frequently Asked Questions

JHS Admission:

  1. When is the start and end of JHS admission applications? Answer: It started last January 25, 2021 and it will run until the end of enrollment for SY 2021-2022.
  2. When will school year 2021-2022 start? Answer: Mid July 2021 (tentative)
  3. Is there an orientation video about JHS Admission? Answer: Yes. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/ADDUJHSAdmissionOrient2122
  4. Who can apply for JHS Admission? Answer: All new incoming Grade 7 students or transfer Grades 8 to 10 students in or outside Davao City, Philippines. Please consider your time zone in an online learning setup.
  5. Is there an entrance test? Answer: No, we are having open admission based on a grade criterion.
  6. How can I apply? What are the requirements? Answer: You can learn more about JHS Admission and apply online at https://jhs.addu.edu.ph/admissions. The requirements are #1 Online Admission Application Form with uploaded soft copy of the following: a) Latest photo of applicant’s face; b) Latest report card (at least 2nd Quarter); Other Requirements (to be submitted at a later date) a) Proof of payment of Admission Fee; b) Online Recommendation Form – To be accomplished by applicant’s chosen recommender – class adviser, guidance counselor, or subject teacher.
  7. What are the direct links to the online application and recommendation form? Online Admission Application Form: https://jhs.addu.edu.ph/apply. Online Recommendation Form: http://jhs.addu.edu.ph/recommend2122.
  8. Who will accomplish the recommendation form? When should it be submitted? Answer: The applicant’s recommender of choice will accomplish the form. You must choose one class adviser, guidance counselor, or subject teacher. Just send the online recommendation form link to the chosen recommender. It must be submitted before the end of 1st Quarter of SY 2021-2022.
  9. What is the grade criterion? What will happen if my child’s grades do not reach the criteria? Answer: Your child’s admission status will be based on the latest report card (at least 2nd Quarter). A CLEAR PASS is given to applicants who have an average grade of at least 83% in English, Mathematics, and Science and a general average of at least 80%. A CONDITIONAL PASS is given to applicants who do not meet the grade requirement. They are placed under the ACADEMIC PROBATION (AP) program. Applicants who do not receive a CLEAR PASS status may request for re-assessment once an updated report card is available. Email us at jhs.a4hs@addu.edu.ph for re-assessment.
  10. What is the Notice of Acceptance (N.O.A.)? Answer: It is the acceptance letter sent to the applicant via email that indicates the applicant’s admission status. It is a required document upon new/transfer student enrollment.
  11. How much is the admission fee? When should I pay for it? Answer: The admission fee is Php 350 Filipino/Php 500 Foreigners. It covers admission processing & CMAT fee. It must be paid anytime before the student’s scheduled CMAT.
  12. How can I pay for the admission fee? Answer: The list of payment modes can be found here: https://jhs.addu.edu.ph/payment. Please follow these details when paying: Pay to Company/Biller: Ateneo de Davao University; Subscriber/Reference Name: Applicant’s Name; Reference Number: 123465; Description: AQT
  13. What is the CMAT? Answer: The CMAT or Cognitive Mental Ability Test is an ONLINE standardized test that serves as an initial screening of a student’s mental capacity. It measures auditory memory and it identifies student’s strengths and weaknesses in academics. This will also help teachers and counselors to understand them in their academic endeavors. It is NOT an entrance test. All enrolled new/transfer students will be required to take the online CMAT within the incoming school year. Testing fee included in the admission fee.
  14. Which office handles JHS Admission? Answer: The Admissions, Aid, and Alumni Affairs handles ADMISSION and SCHOLARSHIPS.
  15. How can we contact your office? Answer: You may contact us through email at jhs.a4hs@addu.edu.ph or call/text 09456040265. We are ONLINE. No physical office as of the moment. Online office hours: Weekdays 8am-4pm, Saturdays 8am-12pm.
  16. What is the next step after admission? Answer: The next step is JHS enrollment. Please keep posted for detail on new/transfer student enrollment which will be on April/May 2021 (tentative). In prepation for enrollment, please obtain an original copy of your child’/ward’s PSA birth certificate for submission.
  17. Which office handles enrollment? Answer: The JHS Registrar’s Office handles enrollment. You may contact them at jhs.registrar@addu.edu.ph.

JHS Aid (Scholarships):

  1. What are the scholarships offered? Answer: #1 Magis – academic scholarship program provided by the AdDU JHS to brilliant students in order for them to continue their junior high school education in the Jesuit tradition of excellence; #2 Grant-in-Aid – seeks to provide assistance to intellectually capable yet financially challenged students who have the desire to pursue a Jesuit Education in the Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School (AdDU-JHS); #3 Educational Service Contracting (E.S.C.)
  2. What are the guidelines and when will application start? Answer: To learn more about these scholarships, please visit: https://jhs.addu.edu.ph/aid/

Other Questions:

  1. Will you continue online learning next school year? Answer: Yes, we will. The JHS has implemented online learning for SY 2020-2021 and will continue it for SY 2021-2022.
  2. How do you implement online learning (Academics)? Answer: Students are required to attend classes from Monday-Friday. There will be two modes: Synchronous and Asynchronous. Synchronous Mode (S-Mode) happens at least once a week per subject. They will meet they teacher and classmates through video conference. Asynchronous Mode (A-Mode) is when students do independent learning based on a schedule and a list of tasks given by their teacher.
  3. How are assessments done? Answer: All assessments are done online. Formative and summative activities such as performance tasks (projects) and quarterly exams are given to the students.
  4. Will there be card days or parent-teacher meetings? Answer: Yes, these will also be done online. The report card of your child may be viewed through our Basic Ed Web Portal at https://basiced.addu.edu.ph:8077/. Parents can also request a online conference with the teacher through the Grade Level Coordinator.
  5. I have more Academic related questions, who do I contact? Answer: For Academic Inquiries, email Mr. Vun Leeu Ween Romerde, Assistant Principal for Academics at jhs.academics@addu.edu.ph.
  6. Will there be clubs and other formation/extra-curricular/non-academic offerings? Answer: Yes, definitely. There will still be clubs and organizations for the students to join. Online recollections will also be given by section. Our guidance counselors will be available online for counseling.
  7. I have more Formation relatied questions, who do I contact? Answer: For Formation Inquiries, email Mrs. Excesima L. Pasilan, Assistant Principal for Formation at jhs.formation@addu.edu.ph
  8. My child does not speak Filipino/Tagalog. Can he/she still apply? Answer: Yes. We have a special Filipino class for Foreign Students. They will be taught basic Filipino lessons in lieu of the regular Filipino curriculum.
  9. We live in a different timezone. Can my child still apply? Answer: Yes, however, timezone must really be considered. A regular synchronous mode schedule is 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM (Philippine Standard Time) – 1-2 times a week. We can discuss arrangement of schedule based on your timezone.
  10. What equipment does my child need to prepare for online learning? Answer: Your child needs to have a desktop/laptop computer with internet connection, headphone with microphone, and a webcam
  11. Will there be e-books to buy? Answer: Yes, some subjects require the use of e-books. E-book list to be posted during enrollment.
  12. Do you have an online learning system? Answer: Yes, the ADDU JHS has https://berchmans.addu.edu.ph.


  1. Where is Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School (AdDU JHS) located? Answer: We are located along Acacia St., Matina, Davao City, Philippines.
  2. Do you have a help desk or hotline numbers? Answer: Yes, the university-wide help desk can be contacted through (63)(82) 221-2411 local numbers: 8209, 8210, 8211, 8232, 8362, 8780, 8786. You can also email them at helpdesk@addu.edu.ph.
  3. Does the AdDU JHS have a help desk too? Answer: Yes, you can email them at jhs.helpdesk@addu.edu.ph.
  4. Do you have a website or social media accounts? Answer: Yes, we do! Website – https://jhs.addu.edu.ph. Facebook: @addujuniorhigh; Twitter/Instagram: @addu_jhs

For Academic, Formation, Administrative Inquiries

For Academic Inquiries, email Mr. Vun Leeu Ween Romerde, Assistant Principal for Academics at jhs.academics@addu.edu.ph

For Formation Inquiries, email Mrs. Excesima L. Pasilan, Assistant Principal for Formation at jhs.formation@addu.edu.ph

For Administrative Inquiries, email Mrs. Alma Raymonda S. Bartolata, Assistant Principal for Administration at jhs.admin@addu.edu.ph